June 8, 2017



Right from day one, Jigyaasa has been conducting campaigns in schools focusing on the vital subjects and skills such as English and Computers that are assured to brighten the toddler’s future. Our campaigns provide a “hands on” experience to the students while learning computers with the help of volunteers working with Jigyaasa. Apart from the curriculum, we also conduct competitions to sharpen their skills and inculcate a spirit of healthy competitiveness; competitions such as elocution and essay writing are conducted on a regular basis.

Summer camps

At Jigyaasa, we focus on the overall development of the progenies and hence, we undertake a special type of campaigns during the summer holidays that does not include any book to learn, instead, the learning process is boosted through creative and interactive games and competitions, this insures that the learning process continues even during the holiday period which is much more fun than the mundane school hours. Along with a pull towards school life, our campaigning’s also build team spirit and a feeling of togetherness between the students.

Tuition program

We all must have heard of children who are ready to learn more than what is expected in the classroom but never got the support they needed, to such students, Jigyaasa protrudes a helping hand through our tuition program which are conducted everyday at Jigyaasa classrooms free of cost, students from government schools and slums who have a will to learn more about the subject or just need some extra support but cannot afford to join tuition classes for the same, are welcomed here at Jigyaasa.

Mai Bal Bhavan

Jigyaasa works in close collaboration with the NGO Mai Bal Bhavan which is an organization that works for the welfare of visually impaired individuals. Since the start, Jigyaasa has been closely involved with this organization and has conducted campaigns to make them independent individuals and boost their confidence via teaching them basics of operating computers. We act as a support, providing help for a variety of event that are arduous to undertake by the members of the organization alone. Events such as marriages and trekking for visually impaired individuals have been conducted smoothly crediting to Jigyaasa.