Aspiration turned into an inspiration

“Aspiration turned into an inspiration”This is short but a complete story of my journey with Jigyaasa.
Aspiration to serve has now become an inspiration to grow. Activities and subject knowledge we teach in Jigyaasa is almost explained by Everyone. Not a big talk but I personally feel what we do here in Jigyaasa is a work of national interest. We are engraving potential into  Tommorrow’s  generation of this great nation. I believe every child who has been put on this earth wishes to become someone special. Unfortunately our society forces him or her to become everybody else because it’s convenient. Jigyaasa teaches its students to become unique they, not everybody else.
We  motivate them to be remembered with their skills, hardwork, knowledge and service to this great nation.They are taught here that they are Indians first and then individual. And each one of our Members realise there responsibility for future generation of  nation.
Dedication, Teamwork and sense of losing oneself in service, every quality comes to us with a motivation of being remembered ,being unique. All for Sir APJ’s mission 2020.
Let’s Grow Together..!!
– Yash Sunil Nannaware